PowerPoint Fix Toolbox

PowerPoint Fix Tool for faulty Microsoft PowerPoint presentation *.ppt and *.pptx files


PPT Fix file

How to Fix Broken PPT file?

PowerPoint Fix Toolbox may quickly fix corrupted PPT 2003 files using any Windows compatible PC laptop or workstation so there are no compatibility problems. Fix .PPT files in minutes using PowerPoint Fix Toolbox and forget about other ways of protecting valuable data like backups and some preventive measures.

How to Fix a PPT file?

You may quickly realize how to fix broken PPT file without reading instructions and try to do the same sequence of user steps as described in manuals. Actually, the PPT fix file process is so easy that you can successfully open corrupted documents without some kind of additional explanations just use the only softkey that is currently active, realize how to fix a PPT file and follow its guidelines.

Execute the fix .PPT file process by doing the next steps:

  • click the PowerPoint Fix Toolbox shortcut to begin analyzing, use the open file button to call the file selection window and choose a file of PPT supported format for future analysis;
  • make sure the path for corrupted PowerPoint file is correct before proceeding to the analysis and select this document despite its size, version and other factors;
  • start the procedure of PowerPoint file restoration, wait until it is ended so you can check the results of analysis and make sure all objects or the most valuable items are successfully repaired;
Note: The program is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). PowerPoint Fix Toolbox is not open source software or a freeware tool. PowerPoint Fix Toolbox is distributed on the try-before-you-buy basis with a free DEMO version.
Requirements: for PPTX Fix Tool: You need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your PC.
  • The PPT Fix tool does not recover password-protected *.ppt or *.pptx files.
  • If PowerPoint Fix Toolbox cannot insert media objects (images, video, Excel tables, etc.) directly into the presentation, they will be saved as a separate directory.

System requirements: Windows 98 or higher


Step I

Selection of a damaged file.

Step II

Analysis of the damaged presentation file and extraction of media files.

Step III

Transfer of the recovered files to PowerPoint.

Step IV

Log file.